Tori Anne Rouse

The comment above by “toria99” is a FALSE comment posted by a woman named Tori Anne Rouse.

Here are the facts about her:
Tori Anne Rouse is a notorious online stalker & scammer.
Tori Anne Rouse is a criminal extortion, fraudster & scammer who scams businesses financial gain.

The following is PUBLIC RECORD about Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis aka Tori Davis:
Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis aka Tori’s Stories
Currently residing in Wichita, Kansas.
BEWARE of this unstable woman:
Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori’s Stories.
Also known as:
Tori Davis
Tori Anne Davis
Tori Rouse
Tori Rouse is:
SCAM Artist, Criminal, into Child Pornography.
She resides in:
Witchita, Kansas.
Her co-dependent, coward husband:
Trey Davis.

Tori Anne Rouse
Con Artist, Scammer, Child Predator.
She goes by different names:
Tori Rouse, Tori Anne Rouse, Tori Davis, Tori Anne Davis.
Tori Rouse is a psychopath & internet stalker of all women she is envious & jealous of.
She has had 3 children by 3 different drug-dealing men.
Her 3 children were taken from her because she & the kids’ father molested the 3 children.
She claims otherwise, but she is a liar.
Tori Rouse is a manipulator & compulsive liar.
She is also a financial scammer, rent scammer, loan defaulter, child predator.

She was formerly a case manager, working with children, employed by the State of Kansas, only because she lied about her past.
Tori Rouse is very resourceful & manipulative.
Because she’s so resourceful, she’s also a computer hacker & hacks into systems.
That is how she has hidden her criminal record & records of financial fraud.
And that is how she goes around, FALSELY alleging that she has “no” record.
She is deceitful, misleading, manipulative
(Her “subscribers” are all FAKE. She has made several thousand google & youtube accounts in order to create PHONY “followers” and to monetize her channel and therefore DEFRAUD google.
She has done the same thing with her twitter account & other social media accounts. She has created countless FAKE accounts to pose as “followers” and post Fake “comments” just to make herself look like she has “followers”).
She also misuses her youtube channel to make videos, in which she LIES, Illegaly uses other peoples’ images and video excerpts, to slander, bully, and harm others with her false allegations.
But the second that other people expose her for who and what she really is, she blocks them, but then makes more Fake accounts to lurk around, check up on them, and report their videos (Because she’s a SCARED, WHINY, cry baby COWARD who dishes out slander against others, but can’t take the heat when she’s called out & exposed).
Facts remain that this pathetic, sorry excuse for a so-called “woman, ” has taken the time to create several THOUSAND google emails and YouTube profiles so that she can have FAKE “followers” for herself on her YouTube channel, post PHONY “comments” on her videos, become monetized, and defraud google.
Her YouTube channel is full of nothing but PRETEND and NON-EXISTENT “followers” and FAKE “comments” on her videos.
Tori Rouse aka Tori’s Stories is a sicko.
However, being disordered does NOT “excuse” her countless horrible acts & other disgusting behavior.
Psychopaths always are fully aware of what they’re doing & they know the harm that their actions cause others.
And, this VILE “woman” cannot attract a healthy, decent, real man.
These types never can attract healthy people.
That’s why she has a weak-minded, poor, sloppy, sad, sorry husband who is a coward.
His name is Trey Davis.
Trey Davis weakly agrees to whatever saggy, sloppy Tori Rouse demands him to do.
“Yes, Mommy.”
“Mommy, after I do whatever you make me do, can I go BACK TO THE INTERNET SO I CAN WACK OFF TO CYBER PROSTITUTES. PLEASE?”
(Consequently, he doesn’t give saggy Tori Rouse any, if you know what I’m talking about.
So she takes her miseries & jealousies out on other women by going on the internet & posting slanderous, False things about them).
Trey Davis and Tori Anne Rouse are also RACISTS.
They also secretly use the young children of families that Tori Anne Rouse used to work with. (Remember, the State of Kansas had employed her as what she claims is a “specialist” to work with little children, so she abused that opportunity to molest them!).
Tori Anne Rouse is a manipulator.
Tori Rouse has accomplished absolutely NOTHING in her sad, pathetic life and she never will.
But being a sorry failure gives her no pass for doing the evil things that she does on a daily basis.
Child Sex Trafficker.
Baby molester.
Animal abuser.
Deadbeat parent.
Toxic narcissist.
Financial scammer.
Con artist.

She’s only about 23 years old, However, she looks older. She looks like she’s about 50 years old.
Just about 2 years ago she looked somewhat normal (Though NEVER a cute girl).
But just a couple years later, she’s turned into a Bucket Of Slop.
Her face is worn out and haggard (Thus the TONS of spackle make up).
And her body is loose, saggy, sloppy, and hanging from top to the very bottom).
She already has to wear shapewear & girdle every morning, just to get dressed.
HOW can a twenty-something woman look this horrible?
Answer: Evil people never age well.
And consider this:
She has actually made videos on social media, alleging that she “loves” her body.
However that’s another LIE. If she was “happy” with her body, she wouldn’t be making video after video to announce it.
Likewise, she’s also an animal abuser.
But she’s gotten on her social media to make several videos to (Falsely) claim how she “loves” her cat.
But again, it is all B.S.
Anyone who’s about something doesn’t need to get all over social media to post tons of videos to prove it.
Thou Protesteth TOO Much!
Troublesome Tori Anne Rouse, knows she looks horrible, knows she’s an animal abuser, knows she’s an unbalanced, unhinged stalker, knows she’s a liar, knows she’s a loser, knows she’s a psychopath, but she’s always making up lies to claim otherwise.
(She’ll might come here, at some point, and Falsely deny it here, too).
She’s been neglecting her job, She’s been FIRED from her job, after her supervisor discovered her criminal record), her responsibilities, she’s even stopped showering, because she spends her days and nights searching for ways to financially defraud businesses, participate in child traffic rings, stalk people, get into online wars, cause trouble,
With all of her malevolent actions & misdeeds against so many other people, the years have not at all been kind to Tori Rouse aka Tori Davis.
She’s haggard & bitter.

As of 10/20/20 she’s made a new youtube video falsely alleging that the reason she’s moving from her apartment is because her address was leaked.
Her address was leaked, yes.
However, the real reason she and her husband have had to move is because they were EVICTED for rental scams.
Anything she claims otherwise is another LIE.

This woman is dishonest, underhanded, unstable
She has serious mental health issues.
However, her serious mental health problems give her NO excuse for the EVIL that she is. She has absolutely NO conscience, NO morals. But like all sociopaths, she knows how to hide her mental issues.
She’s a master manipulator, because she’s had so much practice.
She is toxic, malignant.
She has managed to hack into systems to hide her criminal record.
And that is the only reason she was ever hired to work as a “specialist” with children.
Imagine the Department & how fooled they were in order to make the mistake of having hired her.
Therefore, it will come as NO surprise, some day, when she goes (WAY) off the deep end.
In fact, she is also an animal abuser.
There are videos of her threatening & abusing her poor, innocent, ill cat.
She and her husband, Trey Davis, has abused and neglected the poor cat, so much, that the cat ended up with asthma.
Then, when someone actually made videos, exposing her abuse of the cat, she ATTEMPTED to cover it up by making more videos ( ONLY come AFTER the people posted the real videos exposing her, Tori Rouse, loudly threatening to KILL her cat).
In those new videos, she pretends to “dote” on her cat.
She is also a die-hard stalker.
My friend has been stalked by this Loose Canon since 2016, when Tori Rouse found and latched unto her on some Youtuber’s comments forum. Tori Anne Rouse, the DUMPY DUMP MESS, was being a hysterical Karen and attacking my friend, whom she did not even know.
My friend had posted an innocent comment about some other Youtuber. This IS a free country.
However Toxic Tori Rouse immediately attacked her (In desperate hopes of the popular Youtuber befriending her–What an absolute unrealistic weirdo, this Tori Anne Rouse is!).
My friend then rightfully defended her.
So then Tori Rouse, made some slanderous, libelous videos of my friend, in which she committed several crimes:
Copyright Infringement
And a host of other illegal acts.
When my friend then reported her, she continued to retaliate against her by making more videos, in which again repeatedly violated the law.
This woman does these things to many people, in fact.
She’s extremely jealous, envious, and bitter.
However, she should know that retaliating against women who are FAR better than she is will never solve her personal problems.
She is a hideous inside, as well as on the outside.
Instead of working on her long list of problems, she attacks people & businesses, all day everyday.
She stoops to untold lengths to make a buck.

She & her husband have been evicted from several apartments.
Then, upon finally vacating the each premises, they failed to pay the several months of overdue rent.
They both have also defaulted on several loans.
Be very aware that Tori Anne Rouse, due to being a pathological liar, will LIE and Falsely deny these 100% factual statements. However, also be aware that Tori Anne Rouse, due to being an avid scammer & tech savvy individual, who’s devoid of a conscience, knows how to & has hacked many systems in order to hide her (Criminal and) Default & Eviction record & life of Fraud and Crime.
She also has Youtube & other social media accounts for which she has created thousands of FAKE accounts and FAKE “followers, ” in order to convince (Trick) prospective landlords, loan agents, employers that she’s an upstanding” citizen.
However, the facts are horribly FAR from & opposite of what she Falsely portrays.
Her life of crime includes Child Sex Trafficking & a host of other heinous crimes.
(The fact that she ever had a job working with children attests to the fact that she hacked the system to hide her record & manipulated the person who made the grave mistake of hiring her).
All who have ever made the mistake of having hired her, rented to her, loaned to her, have been stalked, slandered, defamed by this woman.
Do not be swayed by any False “comment” that she might come here (And elsewhere on other sites) to post to Falsely deny these charges.
She is also in the habit of refusing to take any personal accountability and so she Falsely blames others for the Factual posts (Complaints) about her all over the internet.
Tori Anne Rouse is extremely dishonest, manipulative, unstable.
She’s highly unpredictable.
Among her specialties is the ability to manipulate & garner sympathy from people to make them feel sorry for her, so she can obtain whatever she wants during her defrauding sprees.
Be CAUTIOUS. Do not deal with this individual under any circumstances, for to do so is asking for & receiving endless trouble.

Note that she & hubby have moved from their old apartment. She lied that it’s “not because” they were evicted.
But that’s another lie.
They were in fact evicted due to the rental scams she’s committed.

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