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None of this is hearsay nor gossip. Because I went thru all of it first hand. My husband had an affair with the bimbo he worked with for over two years. They worked at her dads shop. It started in the shop when no one was there. They would look a door do a certain room and I’m sure you know what happened there. After all, why would you look the door if you wont doing something wrong. || I had noticed something was wrong with my husband. He never kissed nor made love to me anymore. Took him an extreme time to feed the dogs. I eneded up in the hospital. He kept getting calls that would put a smile on his face say hold on a min while he walked out in the hall to take the call. He didn’t do that with any of the rest of the calls and this call was happening a lot where he would have to go out of the room. When I ask him about it oh its just my boss checking on you. I knew 50 calls a day there was a lot more to it. I said hand me your phone, he refused. I said well you have something to hide. He was hitting buttons before he gave it to me said he won’t and I was sitting right there looking at him. He forgot one number and it was hers. || Ever since then I had my gut feeling something was going on with them. it took me almost two years to prove it. I found her number on the cell phone bill. I called and asked her what was going on with them. She took a long pause said just really good friends. I said why did it take you so long to answer that? She said I didn’t realize it did. I said what does your huband think about you talking to my husband as much as you do? She pauses again and tells me she and her husband of 25 yrs had split up four months ago. Mind you my husband was 17 years younger than her and she had a 17 and 16 yr old son. || So I decided to get on her f/b and find her husband. And sure enough I found him. I emailed him asking if my husband had anything to do with them splitting up and he said I’m sorry to tell you they have been having an affair for some time now. The night after I emailed him I hadn’t heard anything back from him that night. But I asked my husband did Shelby say anything to you today. He goes no. I said oh I was just wondering cause I emailed Stuart. It was the next day her husband emailed me back and we met in person. || Mind you she was doing this while her husband was going through a very severe cancer and chemo extremely sick not knowing if he would live or not. Instead of her standing faithfully by his side. She was screwing my husband at her job. They even once met in a motel parking lot broad daylight to have sex in her car in broadday light. (I know teenagers smarter than that) And I don’t mean she just drives 15 mins away to do this and leave her husband in such bad shape. She drives over 2 hours away to do this. Now let me get to the part of how stupid she is. When I found out for sure I called her and I said this ends now. She goes no I have to talk to your husband first.(REALLY) I kept right on telling her this ends and she kept right on telling me no she had to talk to him first. || By the time we got home that night I told my husband everything to say to her and he did word for word which I made him put it on speaker phone. She goes well it’s been over for awhile now cause I’ve met someone else and I really like this guy. But it didn’t end there He got a cell phone that I knew nothing about and when I got my hands on it, it was nothing but calls just between the two of them. That phone was used only for one purpose. || Let me back up for a min here. My husband told me he had a side job and he would be gone working every other weekend. Yeah right. Turns out she was his side job. And she paid my husband $100 a day three days a week for 4 months to make it look like he was working. So she was too stupid to know hey I have to pay this man so his wife won’t find out or it was just worth that kind of money every day to keep him away from his wife and kids. || Let me back up on one more thing… The very day I met her husband the day after I asked my husband if she had said anything. Well her husband told me that morning his phone wouldn’t stop going off with text and calls about please don’t tell her etc. And he said its too late I’m telling her EVERYTHING. And even while he and I were talking, she was still calling and texting begging him not to spill the beans. || Now back on track to how stupid this woman was. I showed up at their job that her dad owns. That’s how I found the extra cell phone. Her dad didn’t find any of this out until after it had happened and her dad thought it was over. But when I got to the shop the only person there was her dad. And I said he was just over there two weeks ago. And she pulled up first cause I laid down some rules for her- no eating with my husband no talking to him on the phone etc. She wouldn’t out of her car good. I mean her door wont even shut when I went out that door and laid into her behind. I said you don’t understand rules. No surprise since you don’t understand the vaule of marriage either. || OH let me back up about one more thing. The night all this came to light and she kept saying she had to talk to my husband before she would end it. I said look our marriage is till death do us part and you can bet your butt it will be death. She goes is that a…I said no you stupid witch that’s a marriage vow something that has no meaning to you whatsoever. And she asked me why did I want a man that cheated on me. I said because he is my husband was never yours and will never be yours and she just goes off again about I have to talk to your husband first. || Now back to what happened at the shop. I didn’t know it was her birthday at the time but after I found out I laughed and said hope she liked her gift. I said you don’t understand rules. I told you not to be eating lunch with my husband. She goes I haven’t. I said OH so now you’re calling your daddy a LIE. I said you are nothing but commom gutter homewrecking trash. Well a lot of other words were added in there. I showed her a ring he had gotten me 13 days before this. A past present future ring. I said he gave this to me 13 days ago, does that look like a man that is leaving his wife for the sorry likes of you. || I laid into her for at least 30 mins right in front of her dad. And I didn’t hold back no bars on name calling and what I thought of her. Her Dad did not say a single word to me just stood there and let it happen. Finally after about 30-40 mins her dad walks over looks at her and says ok Shelby its time for you to go inside. And her mouth open so wide and her jaw dropped to the ground like what you are making me go inside instead of making her leave. || Now I had spoken with her dad before this and he told me how he prayed for me and my husband every night and how he prayed that two broken marriages wouldn’t come out of this. So her dad knew she was in the wrong. And in my opion let her get exactly what she deserved which really she deserved a beat down like no one has ever been beat down before. No she came from money and she has money but that don’t make her a sorry tail homewrecker. || To this day she don’t believe the ONLY instrest my husband had in her was money and hopes of getting the business when her dad passes. But anyway I laid into her many many times after that. One day here is where the real stupid homewrecker comes in. She says to me Angel I got hurt too. I said who cares the homewrecking shank got hurt NOBODY cares that you got hurt. You think I’m going to feel sorry for you. You really think any woman on the face of this earth is going to feel sorry for you. You ruined your own marriage of 25 yrs for a married man 17 years younger than you and you tried to ruin his marriage instead of doing the decent thing like stand by your husbands side while hes going through chemo and this that and the other. || After 25 years, the very best you give him is leaving him there to suffer while you go screw a married man in broad daylight. So yeah everyone feels sorry for you because you got hurt NOPE. You think we going to be friends. She even said yes I have nothing against you. Oh yeah I want to be besties with the tramp that did everything in her power to ruin my marriage. Anyway after my husband told her it was over he still at the same job. not because I don’t want him to find another one but its because he HAS to be. anyway I laid down rules again don’t speak to me nor my kids when we walk in that shop. And lord and behold the next time I walked in she looked at me and smiled. I didn’t say anything in front of her dad. When I left I called my husband I said where is she picking up lunch from today. He called me when he found out. I was standing behind one of these huge square poles looking inside because I could see from the window who was coming up. There was room enough behind the pole I couldn’t be seen. She just about stepped on the sidewalk and I jump out from behind the pole. I say BOO [email protected]#$ she dropped her phone purse everything. I said I see u still don’t understand rules don’t look at me nor my kids and exspecialy smile like ha ha I had your husband I almost ruined your marriage. I don’t know about the rest of you. But anyone sleeps with my husband trys to get him to leave me a way hi or smile will set me off. I told her I said its taking EVERYTHING and plus some that Ive got in my body not to and jumped in her face and screamed while saying NOT TO BEAT YOUR A$$. she turned around called the cops they couldn’t do anything cause I didn’t threaten her. But I waited for them to show up took forever and I had a dr apt to get to so I left. And while on the phone with the police I was yelling about her being a homewrecker and later she talked to me and said u know they heard everything you said. I said you think I care. I’m not the one who screwed your husband and that should embarss you. Cause it sure don’t me so you trying to make me feel bad not working. You the one that should feel guilty not me I haven’t done anything wrong. Anyway after my husband ended it mind you she was still seeing this other guy.she wouldn’t leave my husband alone. For weeks she begged him till he finally gave in to have a talk with her after work. She was crying kissing on him saying she didn’t want it to end and begging him to leave me. So here is a point I’m getting to. She ended up marrying the other guy I don’t even think the ink on her divorce papers were dry. I want to find a way to let him know how she begged my husband while seeing him to leave his wife and family. I want him to that she was ALWAYS and ALWAYS will be her SECOND choice. I don’t care if this post is posted all over her neighborhood. The neighborhood is Planters Way in Knightdale NC. She lives on Mingo Rd. think the road has may 8 houses on it. Others may know her by Shelby Bobbitt since she did have that name for 25 years. Her facebook account is DennisShelbyPoythress…hope I got that spelling right. Every word of this is more than 500% true I just had to leave out some words I really said to her. Oh and I talked to her new husband before they got married and she told him that my husband was no longer on her f/b…and he blocked me on mine so I talked to him on my husband f/b I said this proves she has not deleted him. He said proves nothing I blocked you and you are still talking to me…I said you are on her acct right now look at the name its my husbands she has not blocked him.. But by finding out or as far as I know they do not have seprate f/b accts. Nothing to say I don’t trust you like a joint f/b account. If I knew where her husband worked I would gladly give anyone that info. I want her to suffer I don’t mean beating her up I mean on the inside and I think the best way to do that is let this get to her husband that he was her SECOND choice cause I’m pretty sure since they were dating at the time she never let her present husband know how she cried on my husband wouldn’t leave him alone it wont just once a day she was going in the back begging for them to meet and the way she cried on and kissed my husband begging him to leave his wife and even if he didn’t she still didn’t want it to be over between them. my hope is that someone will post or mulitle people will post this to their f/b not knowing which one will see it first since its a joint acct. Sure if she sees it it will just stay her nasty little secrect She also woks at Dixons Blinds in Rocky Mount. I hope she gets harassing phone calls or people going up there. Oh also after they got married her dad let it slip to my husband that she had gotted married and she was still saying his paychecks Bobbitt instead of Poythress,,,,but when her dad let it slip to my husband about her being married he goes opppppppps I wont supposed to tell you that. Well if she was and is so happily married why would you not want anyone to know exspecialy the man that was your first choice sounds to me like that’s really some wonderful true love her new husband has gotten. Cause I don’t know about the rest of you if I finally married a man I was really in love with it wouldn’t be a secrect from a sole I would be screaming it from the highest roof tops and mountians. I hope people haven’t gotten bored saying this is way to long but who I talked to told me detail detail detail. And that is what I tried to do. But I really hope a few ppl will read this to the end. and their f/b is overloaded so he will see it. Even better I don’t know the address but its mingo rd in knightdale nc. cant miss the house its a little dead end turn around road and hers is in the middle of it I mean right in front of the turn around been awhile since Ive been that way but the house was yellow. its the only house in front of the turn around dead end so its not a house on either side of the road. I don’t care if this mailed to her at work but then her husband wouldn’t see it…but I would love for her to be harassed so much to show her once you mess with another womans husband that pain never goes away. And how stupid can u be to tell the wife I have nothing against you and I got hurt to….I thought homewreckers alone were bad enough but that STUPID please thanks for taking the time to read.>

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