While dealing with Tommie Dill,on the phone, I asked if he could do better than the price he gave. He said he would ask his manager. Shortly he told me that his sales manager had offered to ‘Comp’ the Premium HDD audio/nav. system. Tommie said I had to put down a $1000 deposit, to see if Toyota would build the car with options we had agreed on. About 2 months later, the car arrived but without the Premium HDD sys. Several phone calls and emails had already given me cause for concern. When I would ask for detailed info. about the car, Tommie said, “Mr. Shepherd, we have ordered just what you want”. They at first refused to refund my $1000, but after contacting the Att.Gen. and BBB, I got the refund. Since I’m not out any money, I don’t know if a lawsuit would help. I would like for everyone to be wary of this dealership.. I demand I waited almost 2 months to find out they were scamming me. Now it’s too late to get the car from another dealership.. Use with caution

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