Pretends to be from OpenWorld Data

Pretends to be from OpenWorld Data

These past two weeks, from Oct.7-21, I had conversed through emails with a man named Peter Grey, it had been in reference to a front desk job. However, he said it had been filled, but he had a personal assistant job for me and I could do this from home. I thought this was perfect because I am a college Senior, and I had just recently taken this job along with another job I had in Austin working for a political campaign. He informed me that he would send a business check so I could purchase a laptop, fax, and printer. I received the check from USPS from New York for the amount of $2,600. After I had deposited this into my account he wanted me to purchase 5 reload-it tickets from Bealls at $500.00 each. However, I did have trouble purchasing these and was only able to purchase $400.00. Later, I had told him of the trouble I had and he then wanted me to now go to MoneyGram at Wal-Mart. I went to Wal-Mart, and tried to do this, but an employee was nice enough to not let me go through with it because he thought it was fraud, and gave me really great information about why he thought it was. After that, I had asked Peter, why can’t. I just purchase a prepaid card, and he avoided the question. He gave me an address for a person named Stephanie Johnson, who was the online, dealer for optus network who I was sending the moneygram to in Dallas, TX.

I have all of the documents with me. I looked up the address on the USPS mail, and called the number given. It was for a Barnes and Noble bookstore. I asked for a Peter Grey, and no one with that name worked there. I found out that the Optus Network was based out of Australia, and was only a mobile coverage network, and not a laptop, or office business at all. The address he had given me for Stephanie Johnson was a house in the Dallas area. The check he had given me came from City National Bank in California. I then called them and they were able to tell me the check was a fraud. I went to my bank gave them the rest of the 2188 I had to let them know. I know this check is going to bounce, but I am possibly going to have to pay back 400 dollars, because the money has already been taken of of the reload ticket cards. I am going to report this to the police this week.. I demand money back. No comments

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