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Received an email offering home based job from Parcel Holdings LLC mailing company. The email description of the job, and the online search about the company and Receiving a call back from a real person after leaving a message was so convincing I thought let’s give it a try but didn’t give any of my details except the address for about 10 days.They started sending me packages on the 3rd Day and nothing was suspicious about the parcels. Then I sent some other information required for employment. After about 6-7 packages shipped from my address, I have received packages with different names and the so called manager who was helping me tried to convince me that some times the companies who sell these goods online, only accept the name on the credit card for the shipping address which didn’t totally convince me. I went to the local USPS office and asked them about how does it work if the name and address are not related. I didn’t get an answer but I did made them aware of that this is related to my new job for a courier service. I received parcels through Fedex and UPS most of the times and they didn’t care about the name on the package. They made me ship the packages always using USPS. For electronics they mentioned it as a gift with my address as the sender. When I tried contacting them with these and some other questions they stopped responding and no salary was deposited as they have promised on the pay day. I did quit the job the immediate day they stopped responding and now I want my name to be cleared off of these scams because I was trying to find a job and put my details in the websites looking for a job. I demand Please clear my name and address of this scam. Stay away

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