Ginkgo Bioworks

Ginkgo Bioworks is run by cruel narcissists!

Ginkgo Bioworks is a capitalist nightmare! These people are horrible. They claim to be good people who want to help others but in reality, they are only a bunch of thieves and capitalists who want to get richer as fast as possible. My dad used to work at Ginkgo Bioworks and they fired him without any notice or warning. They didn’t pay him much in the first place but he never complained. The people at Ginkgo knew about my dad’s situation too. My mom is on a hospital bed and my dad was the sole bread-winner of the family. Losing his job devastated him. He has been struggling to find a job ever since he got fired from Ginkgo.

My dad’s bosses at Ginkgo Bioworks knew everything about his life. They knew he was the sole bread-winner of his family. They also knew that my mom was in bed because of her accident. But they didn’t care a bit and fired him without cause. To make matters worse, these people gave him the bare-minimum benefits so he couldn’t sue them for wrongful dismissal. I have been trying to help my dad by doing some freelance work online. However, it is not enough.

You read all the good things about Ginkgo on the paper, but chances are, you wouldn’t hear of any of these things. Ginkgo Bioworks is run by narcissistic capitalists who don’t give a darn about their employees. These people only focus on making themselves richer. My dad spent years working at Ginkgo. It’s not like he made any mistake or did anything wrong too. They claimed that they had to lay him off because of the pandemic. I can’t count the times my dad didn’t come home because he was busy working on something at the office. These people are sucking lives out of their employees and no one is saying anything because they don’t want to end up like my dad. My dad’s friends say that they can’t do anything about it but I think Ginkgo should be held accountable. What’s stopping them from ruining the lives of other employees? The founders have already earned $250 million each. Even with that kind of money in their pockets, these people can’t pay an employee his full month’s pay while firing him. They fired him in the first week of the month so they wouldn’t have to pay him for the rest of the month. My only complaint is how can they do something like this? How can they fire a hard-working employee without facing any consequences?

WHile those people are living in luxury, my dad is battling with depression, medical bills, and a struggle of finding a new job. The times are hard because no one is giving jobs these days. People are too busy saving their jobs instead. If anyone is reading this, please pray for my dad, he needs as many as possible.

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