College Soccer tours run by Mr. Greg Morales, has a website www.collegesoccertours…. and he emails all the team and clubs to go with his company with promises to take them to colleges all around the United States. I paid $1195.00 so my daughter who is 16 years old to visit Northerner California colleges on his tour, two weeks before the trip I called and emailed Mr. Morales and no answer, now we are calling the phone number that is on his website it is disconnected and his cell phone not working. So please contact the proper persons if they get emails from Greg Morales or College soccer tours not to fall for it. We lost $1195.00. We have other players paid and got scammed too.

His Address is:

Series of Soccer
645 San Benito Ave #3
Los Gatos, CA 95030
College Soccer Tours

(877) 900 – 8772

His cell phone # (951)807-5350

His email: [email protected]

. I demand Money back. Stay away

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