I was contacted by a Indian Gentlemen claiming to be the Manager. Saying they could give me a payday loan that I requested online. I remember filling out a couple but couldn’t remember if it was with them. He was nice at first. This is my first time EVER applying for a payday loan so not knowing, he said I needed to put 150 dollars on a green dot card. Insisted I stay on the phone and give him the card number after, so I did. Said the money would be in my account in 45 mins. I called back after an hour asking what the problem was. He said I owed 167 dollars to the federal govt and to get my loan I had to pay an additional 195 on a green dot card to pay up my past amount I owe to the govt. so I did that being stupid. Should of known after waiting on hold for 25 mins that something was wrong. He then told me the server was down because they were closed. It was 4:30 in California and in Ohio ( where they were located) it was 7:30. Told me to call bk at 6am my time and they would push the payment thru. I called and called at 6am and kept being forwarded to a ” cell phone voicemail” I got upset and realized I had been scammed out of the last $335 dollars. Once I finally got a hold of them, ” mike” was mean and asking me for another 195.. By then I was heated, asked to speak to a different manager and demanded my money back. I got hung up on, forwarded to voicemail and didn’t hear anything. I called many times lees nig not so nice messages and txts. Still nothing and I can’t believe this happened to me and my family. I just want ppl to know this company is fake and I want my damn money back that’s all.. I demand I want my $335 dollars back, my family needs it.. Stay away

  • #Mike Wagner|Chris|Adam
  • #Mike Wagner |Adam

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