Scam Artists – HORRID Customer Service Internet!!. Heres my story — I wanted an iVic-6D, so back in August Autotoys said they had stock, so I ordered one (having missed my chance to get one from Gene direct….) Order was placed and card charged … I heard nothing for a week or so. I emailed them, I got a reply a few days later and they said they were coming. I said, Ok, cool… another 2 weeks, I asked again – same deal. Another week or so, same deal. So now, I want to cancel my order, but they said they were coming soon and they would make it right by refunding $1 a day for each day it was late. Come mid November – My unit ships. I get it Thanksgiving week, but I’m in Buffalo and I can’t get it yet since its d**n cold out…. Now by the time my ships, I paired $430, the real shipping price is now $399. I email and ask for them to be true to their promise, that kept my order with them, and refund something. They said “Lets wait until you install the unit”. Fine, I install it Dec 10 or so – after a few issues with their video that was based on an old install, and with the help of Gene (thanks!) I got it in and working. Email Autotoys, they say “Lets wait a week to make sure the unit is working and good”. I wait and email back. Nothing for a few days, I email back – they ask how I overcame some issues on the install – I explained how (Dec 28th) – I have now emailed 2 more times about my refund and they are ignoring all email now…. No replies….. So, I’m guessing basically, since they have my money from the unit (at a higher price than when sold even) – I’ll never hear from them again … I would never go back to buy a thing from them – Its just been a nightmare … For one, top not refund the new price like ANY company would do. And Two, promise another incentive for staying with the order and then not delivering after I can longer call VISA/etch to dispute anything ….. Just Frustrated …. An example : On Aug 11, they sent “the ivic wont be back in stock until a few more days, if you keep the order, we can offer you a discount and express shipping. The manufacturer has a backorder on it at the moment. Thanks for your patience.”

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