Ally Ally Auto Told me to send documents in regarding a claims check from the insurance company. Once they received the documents, refused to follow through. I was completely honest & they misled me. Bloomington Minnesota!!. I filed a claim on my truck. My insurance sent me a check to Ally & I for repairs. I explained over the phone to many different employees of Ally that I was unable to find a body shop that would repair the truck for the amount of the check from the insurance($1203). I would have to pay alot more money out of pocket to a body shop. I explained that I found someone (a former repair man) to repair my truck for the amount of the insurance check. I made sure that I was honest & they understood my situation. The ally employee checked with her supervisor & told me that the only way they could honor my situation is if I payed the repairman of my choice, send them the insurance check, receipt, and insurance estimate. On my next payday, I had my truck repaired. Once the truck was complete, I called ally again to make sure I had everything they told me that I needed to send. I wanted to be sure I had a clear inderstanding. The female ally employee that I spoke to the second time spoke to her supervisor & said that if I send them the insurance check with my endorsement, the receipt, & the insurance estimate they would reimburse me on the money I spent for the repairs. This was the same information the other female employee that I spoke to before told me. I sent the information in to ally to the address they gave me . Once they received the information, they refused to endorse the check because the receipt wasn’t from a body shop. I was very upset because they misled me. I was completely honest, because I never tried to mislead them

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