February 20, 2014 air dynamics sent David and José to our house to clean our furnace. Within half hour I was told that the furnace was very very dirty and it would be an extra $30. Shortly after that I was told that it needed an air condenser an extra $120. Half-hour after that I was told the furnace needed new contacts ,which was an extra $75. Before I knew it they told me that my furnace need to be turned off because it was unsafe, red tagged they call it. I said how can you turn it off like that and leave my house without heat . my pipes will freeze and then I will have a real mess on my hands.!
They said to get some space heaters. Their boss would call me in the morning with how much it would cost to replace the furnace ,which by the way was only 14 years old. Their boss called in the morning ,Dave and said it would be $6800 for a new system. My husband I decided a second opinion and it was fixed the following day for $350 and also the points were fine and And so was the water condenser the whole thing was a scam. They charges $220.34 for cleaning which ,by the way ,the second guy said was never done. Please do not have this company in your house.. I demand $220.34 for cleaning I never got. $350 for having to cancel my clients for the day when they had my furnace turned off.. Stay away

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