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HW EXPOSURE AND THE HW FAILED ATTEMPTS AT EXPOSING THE WIFE.  THIS IS THE LINK OF THE POLICE STORY THAT REFERENCED THE MOVIE FATAL ATTRACTION DESCRIBING THE ASSAULT ON THE WIFE.  HERE IS THE ARTICLE AND THE LINK || “• Sunday, September 21 12:57 p.m. Megan Boyd’s affair with a married man turned into an ugly scene torn from the script of Fatal Attraction when she showed up at her paramour’s house on Catherine Court in McKinleyville. Boyd allegedly forced her way into the residence, then grabbed, slapped and kicked her lover’s wife in the stomach. The hurricane of violence continued into the living room, where Boyd kicked a glass door, causing it to shatter. The poor wife grabbed a Taser, deploying it twice on Boyd, who eventually exited the house. Boyd then threw rocks at her beau’s truck. Boyd as arrested on suspicion of spousal battery, battery and vandalism and booked into jail.” || || ***UPDATED*** This woman was exposed and at the urging of the readers, I removed the post a few months back.  I never put two and two together but the readers did.  However, they felt”sorry for her” and thought the wife was crazy.  I then received this exposure trying to expose the wife’s name and photo.  OF course, I would NEVER do that but thought it was such a delusional story that I had to post it so I made it into a blog story.    Well Meghan commented on this post stating that she NEVER posted this.  However, the ip address and email matched the exposure and the comments.  So in honor of this, I am reposting her exposure.  How dare her try to expose the wife. || **This was sent in as an exposure.  She was trying to expose the husband and WIFE.  Did you ever just read something and think wtf did I just read?  Well this is it.  The names have been removed and of course, I am not exposing the photos of the wife. . . I decided to change this into a blog post.** || The man in the Green hat and greenish shirt if the man I loved with all my heart. The women in the red and white striped shirt is the wife who controls him, and I, the mistress, is in the black and white photo. Our relationship was so beyond perfect and we only fought about one thing. His wife. He was legally married. Not emotionally married, but legally he was hitched. I may seem like a stupid girl for beliveing that, but I had all the proof I needed. I saw the text messages sent between them and it showed that there was nothing between them worth fighting for. I asked him why he won’t leave, and he said because he spent most of his kids lives traveling for work and didn’t want to miss anymore of it. I said that wasn’t good enough. He also added that he had a past that would make it hard for him to keep his kids for more than a few days. On paper, she was the better fit parent. But in real life, he was beyond the better parent. She wont take her 2 youngest to any of her oldests games because she cant watch them and talk, to all the parents. She doesnt even watch the game. She stays on her phone until someone says lets go to her kid then she yells for him also til he strikes out or is done pitching and then she goes back on her phone or talks to everyone around her. She isnt involved in the kids life. At least not when I was around. || Ok. Well when we finally started dating we talked about having sex. I was ready, but he wanted our first time to be perfect. We waited for his wife to leave out of town and then we went to a hotel. We spent 2 nights and 3 days at the hotel. We did that everytime she would travel. He had to work for a tow truck company and the hours were all night long because he was on call, so she took the kids everytime she left. So it made it easy for him to stay at a hotel. She never slept in the bedroom anymore, so she couldnt tell if he did or not. We stayed at Hampton Inn 2 times. He went to medford to tow a truck, so I got to go with him one morning on one of our hotel nights. He had to move out of his house, his whole family had to, so he got a home literally 4 blocks from my house. No joke. We would hang out every night when he did have to work. Him being on call the whole night made it for an easy excuse for him to leave. She didn’t suspect anything because they weren’t involved with each other, so it was perfect for us. She hated me ever since I stopped babysitting for her back in 2012. She had accused me of so many things but no one but one person believed her. I was well liked in town. So on his daughters birthday he wanted to see me. We always hung out and talked for an hour while holding eachother, then we would touch each other, sexually, and then we would have sex. It became our routine up until April 6th. We did that every night we’d hang out. On April 6th, we hung out like we always did, and when he went home. He talked to me for a few hours till it was time for bed and then told me good night. I told him goodnight and thanks for a wonderful night and the usual I love yous were exchanged. He texted me back one last time and I replied Goodnight boo I love you. He fell asleep before he read that last text. Sometime in the night his wife woke up and went into the room and found his phone blinking. She checked it to make sure it wasn’t  important before waking him up incase it was for work. After she saw the text I sent to him, she started reading all the other ones. There was only about 15 texts. She caught us on his work phone, which wasn’t locked. he had a lock code on his other phone (I called it his boo phone) and thats the phone we usually talk on, but he left his phone in the truck to charge that night. After reading those texts, she caught him cheating. She sent me some horrible threat texts and said some really horrible things. I woke up around 7 and noticed my phone wasn’t on the charger. I picked it up to check the time and had a lot of messages on it. I had text from her threatening me, texts from him saying I love you and call me quickly. And even facebook messages from her acting like him. We got caught after 5 months of being together. || Well we talked about what’s next the whole time while he was at work. He came clean about us hanging out and holding hands but that was it, but come on. Hes 37. Did she really think that was all we did was hold hands?! He decided that he still wanted to stay with me because he loved me, he just also knew it would be a lot harder for the both of us because we were so used to seeing each other every night and talking 24/7. We were only able to talk from the time he was working, and when he got home we had to say goodnight or see you tonight. It depended on if he was on call first or second. We eventually got used to it, but didn’t like, our new routine until his boss changed his schedule. So now he had to work from 6 to 3:30 rather then 7:30 to 5:30. I was pretty bumbed but I woke up at 6 every moring to talking to him as much as I could. eventually he got in trouble with work and got fired. So our time to talk turned from 6-3:30 to 10:30 to 1:30 when she was gone at work. I hated it a lot but there wasn’t much I could do. Eventually I got use to having him for so little. I thought about leaving him a few times, but he showed me the horrible texts she sent him, I talked to their babysitter who was also my friend at the time, and she said they fight about it all the time and aren’t happy together, so I chose to keep trying. She would see me around town or at sporting events and she would grab his hand and tell him to kiss her. It always made me so mad because I wanted to do both to him but I had to wait and she was able to do it when she wanted. So I would talk about it with him th next day and it always made him so mad having to do that. He tried hard to make it where I didn’t have to see them together. If they went to the store, he would warn me, if he went to a baseball game, hed warn me. He told me everything. No matter what the situation or outcome. Finally after getting used to our new life, we made a facebook together so we could talk without texting. She wouldnt take his phone from him if he was on facebook. Just if he was texting. So we made that and it worked great for us. For the 2 days we had it. He didn’t log out of the account before going home, so she got on his phone because she was suspicious of the amount he went out that week, and she found our facebook page. She added her self from the page then figured out everything. She didn’t know we were together. She thought we broke up when she made him back in April but he made it were he kept me. || The days she caught us turned ugly. She saw me walking and a huge scene happened and in the end I got accused of something I didn’t do and he, knowing she will leave him and take his kids if he didn’t defend her, told the police something totally different from what happened and I got in trouble for something I never did. It was a hard lesson learned. He broke my heart and I will always be broken because of it. He wrecked my home and my life. He makes a lot of money with his job, and she only makes 1000$ a month, so without him, she can’t have all the nice things she buys using his cash. So he is still with her. Always fighting at home and acting like life is perfect when they are at court against me. I have stayed away from him since all this happened a month ago, but lots of people have told me they fight, they are distant, and don’t look happy. I know why all that is, but others don’t. I didnt wreck his house, but he sure did wreck mine. My family doesn’t trust me anymore, my mom wont let me out of her sight, and I don’t have him to talk to anymore. If we fought and then broke up because we were miserable, then fine, but we broke up because she forced it upon us. And that is what hurts. I dont care seeing them together, walking or holding hands while at court, because I know its all fake. I know him very well. She posts a bunch of posts about how hard she works for her money and all this stuff about me being this horrible person, but she takes care of old people, and when she is at work, she texts him a million times complaining about something that happened between him and her and always bitching about everything. || She thinks she is getting to me about not having him, but I am a true believer if its meant to be it will be. And right now, its not meant to be for me and him. I do still love him, but I have to move on. Maybe our paths will cross in the future, maybe they wont. I am 20, I got lots of life to live, his is half over. You can judge me, or like me, I don’t care. I made a choice in October that I will forever live with. I dont regret being with him one bit. || || Now here is the exposure I removed MONTHS ago at the readers request because they felt soooo bad for the exposed due to the comments she made on her own exposure. . .Well here it is. . . || || My husband and I have been married for 16yrs and together for 18. We didn’t have a perfect marriage but I always thought it was strong. Megan used to be our babysitter until I started noticing things wrong with my children. She was even around for the birth of our 3rd child. Well for a few years we stopped allowing her to have anything to do with our kids because things her and her family would do to them. In February I guess she started texting my husband asking him to talk to her because her family was so mean to her and she had nobody. So he responded. After he responded she had him. They had a 3 month affair. He had started being very distant from me and the kids and no longer would participate in our lives. He was cruel and well cold. He would tell me he had to work and he would be right back (he is on call) he wouldn’t show back up until very late. I trusted he was working so I never questioned it. || Around late February I started asking questions but he told me I was crazy that accusing him of cheating was wrong and would yell and scream. I would tell him I didn’t think he loved me anymore and he would tell me I was crazy. I really felt I was going insane. I let it go and just tried harder in our marriage but the harder I tried the more distant he became. || Finally in April he missed our daughters birthday and as I lay there in bed I knew something was wrong. I got up and snuck his phone. I was not prepared for what I saw. Her number was under vic. A friend of ours. And the messages were very clear. There were I love you and miss you and can’t wait to hold you in my arms and then sometime in March there was a message that he was trying to break it off and she responded with ” do you really think that’s a good idea? I wouldn’t want your wife to find out.” I was so angry and it was like someone punched me in the gut. She is only 21 and my husband is 36 and she used to be our babysitter! She knew he had a family and didn’t care. Still doesnt. Even though he has discontinued seeing her she haunts me and my kids everyday. She texted my oldest son all the messages between my husband and her and she sits on the sidewalk by my house every morning. She tries to take pictures of my child playing sports and is around the ballpark all the time. She follows me wherever I go. I had a miscarriage with all the stress and her and her family would text me saying God was punishing me with this miscarriage and that I was acting like a child by being mean to megan. Did they think I was going to be nice? I didn’t date her husband. She dated mine. To make things worse people escort her to and from her car because she has convinced them that I am stalking her and being mean and she is afraid for her safety! I have actually been told I need to let it go because my husband chose to be with me and she looses. I wish I could say this was the only married man she has been with but there has been another one. || Her family terrorizes my children and spread rumors about me all over town and people actually rally to her side to protect poor megan boyd! Well I hope she sees this because what my husband did was not OK and there is a lot we have to do to make our marriage work but she continues to act out her bizarre behavior and make people believe she is the victim in all of this! No I’m sorry bitch but the only victims in all of this are the three innocent children you screwed out of a normal life! They never deserved this and you took away too much from them and I refuse to allow you to take away their family also! And don’t ever think I will be nice to you! Maybe if you took a shower more than once a week you skank you could get your own man!! You need to start bathing because your tuna is wreaking! ! And no I will never forget it like you keep telling me too!! Why would you ever think I would forget this? I hope every one sees you for who you are… A skanky unwashed bitch from an inbred family!!! || >

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