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My parents were both dead by the time I was 21 years old in 1969-1970; I was worth four and a half million dollars; Anthony M. Kennedy Esq. was my attorney, and a relative through marriage. He recommended in 1974 that I create three trusts with my funds, one for me and for my two young daughters. I did this by 1975 and added third trust when my last daughter was born in 1976. Today Tony Kennedy is our justice of the SCOTUS and though Iu2019m worth 80M$S, this and all that I ever owned has been criminally stolen from me, while the courts refuse to even retrieve my account statements. Iu2019m homeless and penniless. Mr. Kennedy has refrained from answering my reaching out to consult with him about his knowledge about this? He was my acting attorney through 1978. October 1997 my husband, of twenty-four years, Richard Lynn Davis II tried to murder me; I escaped with PTSD.I was then completely exiled by my whole family at this point, including my three grown daughters and grandchildren. All of whom I had shared a great relationship for many years. Between 1998-2001 I went through a very nasty divorce where my own attorney, John F. Schaefer Esq. of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan used my PTSD and lack of experience with legal corruption to side with my soon to be ex-husband. He helped my ex ,who was also one of the trustees on my trust account along with our family attorney Conrad D. Chapman Esq. hide serious facts. One major fact was that my inheritance funds were nearly gone. Apparently this account had allegedly been embezzled, extorted and laundered, unbeknownst to me at the time. I was led to believe lies from my money manager Frederick L. Mirbach Jr, of Paine Webber; kept out of court for the divorce by my attorney with more lies; told there had been an accounting of my trust when there hadnu2019t been, I would eventually find out in September 2004 by an attorney with an MBA, David K. Fox Esq. of Herman, Herman, Katz and Cotlar of New Orleans LA. after he had reviewed all the documents concerning many legal issues which had arisen from the divorce and were ongoing as if I were a u201ctargeted individualu201d . He informed me that something far worse than I thought was going on besides what I knew and the reason I was contacting him. I knew KeyBank was illegally, non-judicially foreclosing on my, $2,700,000.00 (two point seven million dollar) Sun Valley, Idaho home on ten acres, which was owned by my trust; starting in 2000-2001 and there was no loan against it; I had a personal loan for $250,000.00, which my divorce attorney recommended I take out, that I was paid up ahead on for two years. I had also sold this home to a viable approved buyer, while KeyBank had extended a bridge loan during escrow so I could purchase a new home in Colorado; again this loan was given to me personally; not my trust and just until my Sun Valley sale closed, and my payments were current .It is alleged that KeyBank purposely interfered with this sale by stopping it so they could foreclose on the home; yet itu2019s totally against the law to use personal loans, to foreclose on real estate; to top it off I wasnu2019t in the rears on my loans when they started foreclosure. I would receive three more viable, approved offers on this home over the next few years while KeyBank would stop each sale; never given a reason why. Also Tripp Bozart of McDonald Investments, owned by KeyBank, unbeknownst to me until Mr. Fox informed me, was forging my signature and removing funds from what was left of my trust account, about $2,000,000.00 (two million dollars) In contacting David K. Fox Esq. in September 2004 to handle a lawsuit against KeyBank he asked for my trust documents and found my trust was missing 80M$S (Eighty million dollars). I now had two lawsuits to file; both involving my trust; one in Michigan, Oakland County Probate Court; another against KeyBank; the loan originated out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The principal of HHKC would not allow Mr. Fox to represent me because their firm had a conflict with Mr. Schaefer, so they said, and they knew he would need to be sued for his corruption in my divorce. Mr. Fox was anxious to help me; looking back I actually believe this. He seemed like a very honest good man. In March 2005, after much work to find another attorney, I hired Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. out of Anaheim, California. KeyBank had raised such havoc of unaddressed crime against my trust and myself, and ongoing, that I was penniless, with my partner and my business destroyed because of their criminal activity. Tripp Bozart had taken the last of my funds, by forgeries, out of my trust and stopped sending my monthly statements on my account. I was living in my two million dollar, fully paid for, home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and taking loans out against this property just so I could eat and pay my bills; my business destroyed and no way to get employment. At this point I still had $800,000.00 in equity in the Steamboat home, but having problems getting loans because my credit was already unlawfully destroyed along with my partneru2019s and my business, so I had no income and neither did he. I had started in 2002 reporting, and continued through years, all this federal crime to four different attorney generals across the country, such as Michigan, Colorado, California and Idaho; all these states were involved in some way with the crimes against my trust and myself, but they all ignored me. I also went to most of the financial watchdogs in this country and many different branches of the FBI. From March 3, 2005, (Catanzarite and my first meeting over the phone) through March 13, 2005, (when I signed his contingency fee contract explaining all the issues he was to take care of) I sent every document I had in my possession to Catanzarite for review, while he decided whether he would take my case(s); I was checking out his CalBar ethics record which was clean. At the same time Eastern Savings who had been lending money to me against my Steamboat home was threatening foreclosure any day. In fact the trustee sale was planned, while KeyBank had already illegally foreclosed on my Sun Valley, Idaho property and they were in the midst of selling it, to a buyer, for half itu2019s value, $1,700,000.00. I still had $800,000.00 in equity in Steamboat. Catanzarite agrees to take my cases and now advises that I sell my Steamboat Springs, Colorado home to him, TEMPORARILY AT HALF ITu2019S VALUE, so as to stop Eastern Savings from foreclosing; in other words he didnu2019t have time to stop them so this was the reason for his recommendation; the reason he paid only half my homeu2019s value, as it would take too long for the bank to approve a bigger loan for him, and I believed him, while I received barely $190,000.00. He took $45,000.00 from me as a retainer and more fees to do the lease/purchase on my home. He then proceeded, unbeknownst to me at that time, to FORGE my signature on the buy/sell agreement, before he threatened me into signing his 35-page outrageous, unconscionable Contingency Fee Contract in less than 8 hours on a Sunday. Though he was very careful in adding all kinds of releases to his contract to cover what he was doing to me, which doesnu2019t work when itu2019s purposely done resulting in FRAUD, I wasnu2019t even aware of his CRIMES from the starting gate; mostly because heu2019d lie , about the law, when I would ask him questions. Additionally, I was scared to death; in PTSD; getting kicked out of my home penniless; nowhere to go; with six dogs and all because of unaddressed federal crimes. I argued with him about not giving me enough time to have another attorney look at his contract, which I had the right and duty to do by the Professional Rules Of Conduct for an attorney, but I didnu2019t have time, according to Catanzarite; Eastern Savings was looming. So I signed his contract praying he was an honest man. I had no clue that what he had just done to me was another ANNIHILATION of his Professional Rules Of Conduct for a California attorney; and a breach of contract. For the next year this monster of an attorney did everything possible to break the federal laws and annihilate the Professional Rules Of Conduct for a California attorney. I say this, HONESTLY, because he performed as if there was no authority above him holding him accountable for the crimes he had already committed against my trust and myself and for those crimes yet to come. He started forcing my business partner/life partner, Larry and myself out of our Steamboat Springs, Colorado home; withheld pertinent KeyBank evidence from Judge B. Lynn Winmill in Pocatello Idaho Federal Court; or perhaps the judge and he worked together on this? I have no idea? He dropped McDonald Investments from the case, in spite of the fact that I had written proof of their forgeries of my signature removing funds from my trust account without my knowledge; did no depositions or interrogatories on the KeyBank case in Idaho; I learned early that the case should have been filed in Michigan because this is where my two personal loans originated from. Filing the case in Idaho clearly worked against me, because of their state laws concerning bank fraud. With my frantic questions to Catanzarite about what he was doing/not doing heu2019d threaten that he was going to withdraw from my case and then heu2019d laugh! I knew with this reality, Iu2019d be in the streets because Catanzarite would kick my partner, six dogs and me out into the streets since he now owned my home. I didnu2019t know what to do? I knew this man was purposely destroying my case by withholding evidence from the judge. So I started contacting new attorneys and law firms in middle 2005; sending out documents of proof to them and asking for their willingness to take over my cases and fire Catanzarite . There is no doubt in my mind, today, that I contacted easily two hundred attorneys, from middle 2005-early 2006 begging for their help. They all claimed that Catanzariteu2019s Contingency Fee Contract was totally unconscionable; that he had completely annihilated California Professional Rules Of Conduct in many ways especially in buying my home out of foreclosure. However, none would take these cases on so Larry and I just sat and watched this Catanzarite destroy now both of us; causing our dogs to become homeless too. We had investigated taking the cases over ourselves from Catanzarite but had no money and there was no discovery time left on the KeyBank case for us to learn all the legal ropes in order to take over, plus I had been advised by many other attorneys that I couldnu2019t fire this man without further destroying myself and the case(s). Meanwhile, I did find a Colorado attorney, Richard K. Rufner Esq. to sue Catanzarite once the cases were completed or Catanzarite withdrew. He too warned me that I could not fire Catanzarite; this would destroy my case against him along with my other cases. We signed a Contingency Fee agreement that Rufner would handle all that concerned Catanzarite and this would include the FED Action and Malpractice , while his monthly statements showed headings for both the FED Action and Malpractice preliminary work. Rufner had also promised to turn Catanzarite into the California Sate Bar on my behalf because he could make a bigger impact with them than we could. However, the time wasnu2019t yet right to handle any of these issues but the FED Action now. Catanzarite continued with KeyBank and now files in Michigan; filing a case, in Oakland County Court, with Judge Joan E. Young against my ex-husband and his board of directors concerning my trust. He was also supposed to open my divorce, which he didnu2019t do; subpoena my account statements from Paine Webber, which he didnu2019t, nor did he call for any depositions or take interrogatories. He also released my Michigan divorce attorney, John F Schaefer Esq. from any fault, claiming heu2019d be a better witness than a defendant. Catanzarite then falsifies a new appraisal on the Sun Valley, Idaho property to apparently cover up itu2019s appreciation, (from $2.7 to $3 M) and before Judge Winmill ruled on a Summary Judgment for an illegal foreclosure by KeyBank; the judge orders a mediation between KeyBank and myself, where KeyBank, offers to give my house back to me for six months while I try to sell it again. If I couldnu2019t sell it in that time, then they would LAWFULLY foreclose? In spite of how outrageous this was considering the black cloud created, unlawfully by KeyBanksu2019 antics and federal crimes, over this property in a town of ten thousand full time residents I had no money to care for the property, because of their unaddressed federal crimes so I wouldnu2019t be able to do anything but watch my property fall further into demise. Catanzariteu2019s remedy for this was that I give my Sun Valley, Idaho property to him and I refused. Catanzarite then withdrew from representing me in May 2006, because I wouldnu2019t sign over my Sun Valley property to him, which was not part of any legal payment we had earlier agreed upon in his contract. He claimed it would pay for his costs, then he laughed! I thought, u201cCosts for what? You havenu2019t done anything but file for a Summary Judgment in Idaho and file a suit in Michigan; you havenu2019t done one other thing a reasonable attorney would do on either of my cases in over a year?u201d Yet, Catanzarite wanted my owned free and clear $3,000,000.00 property in Sun Valley to pay himself u201cCOSTSu201d? Catanzarite vehemently threatened me some more for the next week, and then withdrew in writing. On May 6, 2006. I instantly received confirmation from Judge Winmill that I was granted a partial Summary Judgment for an illegal foreclosure by KeyBank. The reason it was u201cpartialu201d was because of documents of proof Judge Winmill claims never to have seen? He was apparently waiting for Catanzarite to supply these documents? At this point I felt Judge Winmill and Catanzarite were working together to destroy my case against KeyBank. I also learned with Catanzariteu2019s writtenwithdrawal that Judge Young in Oakland County, Michigan dismissed my trust case for lack of evidence, meaning Catanzarite had not submitted my Paine Webber account statements to the judge. Catanzarite added that he had subpoenaed my account statements through another Michigan court, yet hadnu2019t served the defendants at this point, but left out of his withdrawal write-up what court they had been subpoenaed from? To this day I still donu2019t know what court this was? Nevertheless I was overwhelmed by the crimes being committed against my trust, Larry and myself at this point and sure many of them were plotted between my attorney and the judges? I have no way to prove this except by the way my cases were turning out when there was no question to the federal crimes committed against my trust, now Larry and myself. Catanzarite starts eviction, (Colorado FED Action) proceedings on my Steamboat Springs, Colorado property soon after he withdrew. Iu2019m forced, by Catanzariteu2019s unconscionable contract, to go to arbitration in California to argue this. Larry and I had to sell whatever we could get our hands on in order to have the money to go. We sold the truck and trailer we use to use for business. Robert A Merring Esq. of Orange County, California was the arbitrator, hand picked by Catanzarite. Richard K. Rufner Esq. of Denver, Colorado, my new malpractice attorney, represented me at arbritration which cost me a thousand dollars to Mr. Rufner. All the crimes Catanzarite committed against my trust, Larry, me and the two lawsuits were exposed here over two days, with the documents, of proof of Catanzariteu2019s crimes. A couple of months later, in spite of all the proof, Mr. Merring ruled in Catanzariteu2019s favor. So now Larry and I were confident in feeling there was a conspiracy taking place and even Mr. Rufner wouldnu2019t stop it for us. Instead he stated that he would be filing a claim with the California State Bar against Catanzarite, on top of a malpractice suit. But he warned this couldnu2019t be done until the KeyBank case was completed. I believed him. Judge Ou2019Hare of Route County, Colorado scheduled a full day in court, May 20, 2007, (not completely sure of date but close) for this case involving Catanzarite evicting us from my home and hopefully addressing the many Professional Rules Of Conduct and federal crimes Catanzarite committed against my trust and me. However, hours before Judge Ou2019Hare was to hear the case he canceled it and turned the eviction (FED Action) over to Judge Garrecht who threatened to throw me in jail if I argued with his order after just three minutes in the courtroom. His order was we were evicted and had to be out in ten days. Sheriff Wall of Route County then called Larry a number of hours after we had returned to our residence and said, u201cIu2019m ordering you out of the home in 48 hours, I donu2019t care what the judge said!u201d Larry, our six dogs and myself were on the streets at 1:00 PM May 23, 2007 (close date, not possibly exact) without a penny to our name and nowhere to go for shelter. At least 40 % of our belongings were still in the house and Sheriff Wall threatened to put us in jail if we ever returned to retrieve them. Another 20%, of our belongings, were thrown into the mud by the movers Catanzarite hired. These items were all our business equipment. A friend helped us save about 60% of our belongings with his truck. For the next few months Catanzarite filed liens in Colorado, Idaho, California and Michigan against me for his costs. I had new attorneys, the fourth on the KeyBank case after Catanzarite withdrew, Huntley Park Law, in Boise, Idaho trying to save the KeyBank case and get it into court. But there was little hope because Catanzarite had allowed all discovery time to lapse. These three other law firms, hired between (October 2005 and January 2007) withdrew under what felt like more conspiracy and corruption but of course I have no proof. They were hired to fire Catanzarite and take the KeyBank case on. I never could find a law firm to take on the Michigan trust case, but understood, (from Larry and my now library law degree) there were no statutes so I had plenty of time. February, 23, 2008 (Close date, perhaps not exact) I was forced to settle with KeyBank at which time retired Judge James from San Francisco, California mediated while Catanzarite took all but $150,000.00 of my $650,000.00 settlement, along with, my share, of a potentially valued $12,000,000.00 (twelve million dollar) Sierra Nevada property belonging to my family, which had legal protection from what he was doing. Yet he was allowed to take it anyway, because Judge James said, u201cI only mediate cases, I donu2019t have the jurisdiction to stop him!u201d I had no choice but to settle because Larry, our dogs and myself were starving and had no place to live and no running car. My attorneys promised The California State Bar would punish Catanzarite and hopefully order restitution. Of course Richard K. Rufner Esq. should have been present at this mediation representing my interests as far as Catanzarite was concerned, but he failed to show up or be available by phone? This concerned me deeply? It took over a month for my settlement funds to be paid, then Larry and I met with Rufner in his office in Denver; here he promised to start his filing of the complaint with the California State Bar against Catanzarite. Thereafter he said heu2019d file the malpractice suit. We never learned why he didnu2019t show up at the KeyBank mediation? Meanwhile, Larry and I and our six dogs decided to move to California hoping to re-launch our design business and handle Catanzarite with the California State Bar. We had learned that we couldnu2019t get employment, in Colorado, no matter how hard we tried, and so we were writing about this story hoping to get a book deal or sell our screenplays. We had limited time as the funds I had received were very little; not even enough to buy a trailer to live in and we couldnu2019t rent because our credit had been destroyed albeit unlawfully. We bought a new truck; I paid back people who had lent us money, to save our lives, and we moved; entered into a lease/purchase agreement based on the CalBar doing their job. We were diffidently taking a chance but we had little choice. To survive we had been continuously selling my belongings; Larry, by this time, had sold all his. To add insult to injury Catanzarite was still in possession of what had been left in the Steamboat Springs, Colorado residence in spite of the obvious eviction laws he broke. It was considered grand larceny, based on my calculations he stole, or destroyed, at least $2,000,000.00 ( two million dollars) of my belongings We now had a small window of time where we wouldnu2019t have to sell stuff to survive. We had one opportunity we could rely upon and that was the CalBar ordering restitution from Catanzarite. His crimes and ethicsu2019violations were so enormous, clearly one of the worse we had ever read about in our research, that we were confident the bar would charge him. However once we were settled in California after a number of months, May 2008-July 2008 I contacted Rufner to see when heu2019d be filing the CalBar Complaint? He put me off for a number more months, until September 2008, when he merely got angry over my questions and withdrew from representing me in an email. We sought out new attorneys in California; they all refused to take on the case against Catanzarite. Most of them said statutes had passed and the CalBar was our last option and now because of Rufneru2019s malpractice we were looking at possible problems with our living arrangement; the lease/purchase of our new residence. Larry and I then prepared the CaBar Complaint; investigated Catanzarite further; and gathered documents of proof; sent this five pound package off on December 23, 2008 to the California Sate Bar. Ms. Sheila Campbell was my investigator, I would find out, sixty days after the complaint was received at the CalBar. Her first telephone call to me in late January 2009 indicated she was very grateful for my complaint and if I learned more I should send it along. And, between Larry and I we learned lots more shocking information about Catanzarite. Catanzarite had been charged by the CalBar in 1998; apparently he settled and of course the CalBar does not state what the problem was and they hide the case from the normal viewer; I learned from someone in the know that they thought he was charged for putting a clients property into his daughteru2019s name? This made sense after what he had done to me. Larry and I did research for weeks and uncovered that almost all Catanzariteu2019s CVs were either fake, or lapsed, and this was true from before I hired him. He even had lied about having specialties with the CalBar on his website, which is where I found him. This is advertising fraud! We learned about and talked to other past clients of his who told us horror stories about what he had done to them; he stole over $6,000,000.00 ( six million dollars) from one of his clients; found many, many lists of holding companies under Catanzariteu2019s name with many, many pieces of property. We found Lawrence vs. Catanzarite on Google. We found over twenty-five law suits filed against him in Orange County Superior Court alone, by his clients, while from what his credentialu2019s claimed he practiced in most all states across the country. Many court records could not be accessed without paying and of course we didnu2019t have the money to do this. However, we learned that Catanzarite was in very bad standing with most state bars (about 8) including Colorado, where he represented me, and this was true BEFORE I hired him. I found the truth concerning the Michigan trust case; Catanzarite didnu2019t show up in court, so the judge lied about why she dismissed it! I continued to write Sheila Campbell letter after letter as I continued to uncover more and more crimes. She became abusive on the phone towards me when I called. Three months later, Ms. Campbell wrote that my case was worthy enough to be investigated by the Chief Trial Counsel, which actually changed hands, temporarily, during thistime, (January 2009 through that year) It was now Russell G Weiner. Larry and I knew from our CalBar website research that any case that remains in investigation to this point is viable or they would have turned it down. We were finally in great hope! Finally, after we had been evicted from the lease/purchase home we had been living in and lost five of our precious family of dogs, I heard from the CalBar November 2009; theywerenu2019t prosecuting, basically because they didnu2019t have the resources and Catanzarite protected himself by adding a release to his contract, laden with federal crimes, that I couldnu2019t come after him with malpractice? Larry and I, and our one dog, were penniless, homeless and jobless living at a girlfriends house in Santa Monica, at this point. Larry and I were working together now on preparing a Verified Accusation to present to The California Supreme Court, filing it, November 30, 2009; by the end of January 2010 The California Supreme Court sent to me one page stamped with, DENIED! My family and I along with our one small dog, have lived in and out of the streets since. I did contact one more investigator at the CalBar, John Noonan in May 2010 asking for another investigation; I was turned down. I have written every attorney general in the proper jurisdiction to my case(s); filed complaints with as many FBI agents and contacted Paul Bertrand who heads up the Economic Crime Unit in Los Angeles. He has had my documents of proof for years now, (since July 2009) and he ignores me, while he actually asked for these documents.Iu2019ve contacted my current congressman Darrell Issa many times; he hangs up on me and ignores my emails. Iu2019ve contacted all my Senators and even started contacting all those out-of-state who have shown an interest in all the unaddressed federal crimes and illegal foreclosures. No one in the Media will write about this; I doubt Iu2019ve missed contacting any whether they be mainstream or alternative. They ignore these horrific stories. The publishers and producers wonu2019t allow these stores to be printed under their hand. Our small family has lived in a tent for three years; our truck for a year; filthy motels and in the streets; we have gone without food. Iu2019ve lost three multi-million dollar homes; my 80M$ trust; all my furniture; clothing; jewelry, heirlooms and vehicles. Larry lost everything too including his vehicle and his tools. We travel from state to state seeking employment, and because Larry has always been self-employed the employers will not hire him; middle aged men who have only been self employed donu2019t get hired; the same is true with me and neither of us qualify for social security. If one wants to put a price on what I have lost, it would be easily $100,000,000.00 (one hundred million dollars) I canu2019t speak for Larry, but for the business we lost. And there is no price to put on the loss of our precious family of dogs and the loss of our human family who qualify their reason to keep us exiled is because, in their minds, the reason we donu2019t get justice is because there is no crime; weu2019re nuts thatu2019s all. This is what the not-yet-victims-to-corruption in this country believe, because if one is not a victim to horrific injustice you wouldnu2019t u201cfrigginu201d believe it! Who’s mostly at fault? Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. because he took it all on, as my attorney, to fix and instead victimized me some more; I believe this is RICO and all the entities worked together to put me in the streets.

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