An old man’s fight against the injustice, the corrupt, the establishment and the corporates.

Why I Launched This Website?

My wife and I lost a lot of our hard-earned money getting duped by frivolous companies. We never ever got a refund, I wrote many reviews online but they all vanished. I realised there needs to be an unbiased platform exposing companies and individuals scamming people.

Who am I and what we do!

A civil servant living happily in his winter cabin. Me along with a few volunteers to whom justice matters run the website to the best of our capacity. We aim to create awareness about scams with the intent to prevent the next one!

How you can help me in this mission

By creating awareness about frauds, scams, malpractices, and corrupt individuals. Every time you see, hear or experience any injustice please post and help us in our mission of preventing the next con.

Help, I’m listed on this website

Please do not waste yours or our time by sending us emails regarding removals. We only honor and adhere to court orders. However, you are more than welcome to submit a rebuttal and maybe even try to actually resolve the complaint.